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Interviewing a professional nurse



Interviewing a professional nurse

The nursing profession provides individuals with exciting opportunities which they may use to enhance their career lives. The realization that individuals are given a chance to interact with both patients and other professionals allows them to explore different areas in their careers. With this understanding, it is essential to ensure that the various concerns of these individuals have been addressed satisfactorily. The crucial roles played by these professionals are critical in the provision of holistic care to patients. Holism and patient-centeredness in care are the essential elements needed in facilitating both client and provider satisfaction. By extension also, the organizations in which these professionals work benefit from the excellent services which they offer.

The excellent nursing care services offered by nurses are vital in eliminating possible incidences of near misses and adverse events. As such, the probabilities of the facility being subjected to fines by federal payers like Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are reduced significantly. Such a realization has got the effect of boosting the image of the organization. Guaranteeing such benefits will be dependent on the nurse focusing on issues like teamwork, patient care, adaptability, time management, communication style, motivation, and core values. The way an individual provider incorporates these factors into their daily caregiving activities will influence the type of care they provide to their clients. As such, to get further insights regarding the identified factors, I interviewed RN Kate, who has been working in that position for the past nine years. She is, however, furthering her studies to graduate with a master’s degree in about two years. Her wealth of experience has enabled her to address the different critical issues which are essential in facilitating enhanced patient outcomes. I needed her views on the identified nursing profession issues and the various ways she has incorporated them into her practice.

The first factor I wanted Kate to address was in regard to teamwork. I was mainly concerned with her definition of the term and how her workplace has been customized to accommodate this concept. The benefits associated with the concept were also crucial in this interview. Kate informed me that teamwork, according to her, is the spirit a people have developed toward the realization of a common goal (Green & Johnson, 2015.). She informed me that by working together as a unit, nurses are empowered to address the different concerns of their patients. The various sources of expertise and skills from their diversity are vital in ensuring that all the concerns of the patients have been given the required attention. Kate added that the formation of collaborative teams comprising physicians, pharmacists, social workers, chaplains, and nutritionists is critical in facilitating holism in care. A collaborative working relationship amongst these professionals has proven to be crucial in guaranteeing enhanced patient outcomes (Green and Johnson, 2015.). She added that nursing, as a profession, is quite draining both physically and emotionally. In this case, having a reliable support system will be helpful to a caregiver in their efforts to overcome the different challenges their profession offers.

The second issue I needed Kate to give her views on was patient care. I was particularly concerned with the strategies she has been using all along to facilitate the realization of excellent patient experience. She was quick to point out that ensuring enhanced patient care is the primary role which any nurse has to play. For her case, substantial investment in evidence-based practice and patient-centeredness has been critical in facilitating improved patient care. A combination of evidence from nursing research, clinical protocols, and patient’s preferences has proven to be crucial in enhancing patient care (Melnyk, Gallagher‐Ford, Long & Fineout‐Overholt, 2014). Additionally, patient-centeredness and holism in care have also been realized as a result. The overall effect has been an improvement in patient satisfaction levels.

Concerning adaptability, I wanted to understand how Kate had worked toward acclimatizing to the ever-changing caregiving environment throughout her professional journey. She opined that the strategy which has been using to achieve this goal is by acknowledging the crucial roles which technology plays in the patient care process. She was particularly concerned with the way patient data and information is handled and managed in the organization. The conceptualization of electronic health records necessitated the need for nurses to think widely on how to take care of client concerns (Nguyen, Bellucci, & Nguyen, 2014.). She informed me that most of the providers in the organization have had to adapt to this technology over the paper-based system as it has been seen to be effective in the long run. The efficiency levels of the providers have improved significantly as a result since they can access vital patient information with just a click of a button. Also, with the increasing diversity of the patients she handles, she has had to adapt by learning about cultural competency. This has proven to be vital as far as guaranteeing culturally-competent and holistic care to patients is concerned.

Regarding time management, I shared with her that the nursing profession requires high levels of commitment in the wake of the challenges a person faces in their line of duty. In this regard, I needed her to give her views on how proper time management has helped her improve her professional life. Kate acknowledged that indeed, the profession is demanding, and as such, one needs to commit themselves to it. She asserted that an individual ought to prioritize the various elements of their lives that will guarantee excellent nursing care provision. In this case, striking a balance between family life, social progress, and health is an essential ingredient as far as prudent time management is concerned. Ensuring that these factors have been taken into consideration is critical to an individual in their holistic personal development. Balance in one’s daily activities is essential in the realization of good time management. She concluded that proper time management is critical to any person, their career notwithstanding, in seeing to it that their professional goals have been met.

The other issue I was interested in was the communication style that RN Kate employs while interacting with her colleagues and clients. She informed me that since she is an assertive communicator, she has avoided creating possible overbearing feelings when expressing her desires (Riley, 2015). In achieving this goal, she is open to horizontal, top-down, and bottom-up modes of communication. These communication approaches have enabled her to have a therapeutic understanding of all the people she interacts with in her line of duty. The communication style she employs has facilitated the realization of both her personal and professional goals.

Regarding the factors which motivate her while offering her caregiving services, Kate informed me that she is particularly concerned with intrinsic fulfillment. She asserted having internal satisfaction is essential as it pushes her to overcome some challenges that often seem tough. Kate said that while she was starting her career journey, she was more concerned with the money she would earn and other benefits. However, with time, she came to realize that peace and the internal drive to succeed were her major motivating factors. Finally, Kate informed me that the primary core values that define her professional life include honesty, respect for human life and dignity, integrity, and hard work. She finalized by saying that these values have made her maintain high levels of discipline in her professional journey.


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