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If submitting extra information, diagrams, posters, flyers or handouts make sure your name and number, date and the unit code is clearly identified on each piece of extra information.

If submitting extra information, diagrams, posters, flyers or handouts make sure your name and number, date and the unit code is clearly identified on each piece of extra information.

This Assessment booklet contains the necessary assessment items to ensure a smooth transition from superseded units of competency that you have previously completed with CTA. The assessments in this booklet have been created after the assessments you have previously completed were mapped (compared) to the new units of competency. Further materials can be found in Moodle
Even though parts of the title sound the same as units that you have previously completed, there is significant difference in the knowledge and skills components of the units. What this means, is there will be assessment items you will need to undertake to close any gaps identified during the mapping process in order for you to meet the outcomes for the new Diploma of Nursing.
Seek help and advice from your Educator on any part of any assessment that you need assistant with.
Assessment process
Your Assessor must discuss their feedback with you and ask you to sign the assessment summary acknowledging agreement with the result. If you have been found Not Yet Competent, the assessor will provide you with feedback explaining why this decision has been made and what you are required to do before being re-assessed. If you disagree with the assessor’s judgement, the assessor must explain the appeal process and provide you with any relevant documentation. The assessor will find a mutually convenient time to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your ability to complete the assessments. The assessor will also consider whether any additional support services should be provided to support you. If the assessor deems that you do not have the skills or knowledge to complete the unit, they will discuss this with The RTO Operations Manager.
• You are entitled to two assessment attempts at no additional cost.
• Each re-assessment attempt will be negotiated with the Assessor and should be programmed to enable you to have the best chance for success.
• Your Trainer/Assessor will provide you with direction on the further learning required for your next assessment attempt, this may involve additional theory or classroom learning.
• Your Assessor may apply reasonable adjustment to the subsequent assessment attempts, where required.
• At the end of your second unsuccessful assessment attempt, a formal counselling session will occur to discuss your options and enrolment at CTA.
• Post this process, you may re-enrol, and the learning and assessment process will commence from the beginning of the unit
Process for submitting assessments
Your Training Plan and Class Delivery schedule specifically outlines the due dates of each of your assessments. You must adhere to this timetable. If you need extra time to complete an assessment you must discuss this with your Nurse Educator before the due date. Extensions to assessments can be granted in agreement with you, your Nurse Educator and where applicable the RTO General Manager. The following requirements apply to all written assessments:
• All questions must be answered in full and using your own words.
• Hand written assessments must be legible and in either BLUE or BLACK pen.
• Assessments can be word processed. You must use:
? Arial font
? Size 12
? 1.5 spacing
? Print off a copy and hand to your Educator
• Assessments using white out corrective tape or fluid will be returned for resubmission. Cross out any incorrect answer and rewrite it.
• If submitting extra information, diagrams, posters, flyers or handouts make sure your name and number, date and the unit code is clearly identified on each piece of extra information.
• Where applicable reference any work that is not your own using the style described in the student handbook.
• Where applicable create a bibliography at the back of your work to show where you have accessed information used in your assessment.
• It is advisable that you make a copy of your fully completed Assessment Workbook before you submit it. CTA are required to keep all of your assessments so it will not be returned to you.
Once you have a “Satisfactory Outcome” for all assessments linked to each unit of competency you will be deemed competent for the unit of competency.
If you have a “Not Satisfactory Outcome” your Assessor will provide feedback to you on the area/s for improvement and confirm further requirements. At this time a mutually agreed future date for re-assessment will be set.
Listed below are explanations of the assessment decisions an Assessor can make when marking your assessments.

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