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Ghost write Dissertation

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Project Title:
Student Name:
Review Date:
All cells must be entered to ensure accurate scores. Brief comments must be included for all criteria (DNP-955= 1-7, 9-10 and DNP-965= 1-10). Rating Descriptors Rate each item on a scale of 0, 1, 2, or 3 using whole numbers only.
Holistic Assessment For All Chapters (Rate Each Item on a scale of 0, 1,2 or 3 using whole numbers only.) See Rating Descriptors Initial Score DNP955 Initial Score DNP965 Comments
The abstract is an accurate, nonevaluative, concise summary or synopsis of the research project. The content of the abstract covers the problem statement, clinical questions, methodology, design, data analysis procedures, location, sample, theoretical foundations, results, and implications. Abstracts must be double-spaced and no longer than 1 page. Comment only Comment only Indicate if abstract is formatted correctly and includes required criteria. 0= Unaccepatable
The Table of Contents pages are counted and show a Roman numeral page number at the top right. The page number is right justified The page number should not be listed in the Table of Contents. NOTE: The Table of Contents must be 12-point Times New Roman typeface, double-spaced. Titles that are longer than one line should be single spaced, and double spaced between entries. The Table of Contents is right justified. Dot leaders must be used. Title should be styled as “TOC Heading” (double spaced, no indent, bold, “keep with next”). The Table of Contents reflects the specific levels of organization within the manuscript. All major (chapter) headings must be worded exactly the same and occur in the same order as they do in the GCU manuscript template. Any heading that appears in the Table of Contents must appear in the text, and any heading in the text must appear in the Table of Contents. As noted elsewhere in this comment, as long as you use this automatic TOC, the headings in the TOC will match those in the text since the automatic TOC “reads” the styles of the headings in the text. Subheadings that differentiate subsections of each chapter, are single-spaced and upper and lowercase. In the Table of Contents, these TOC1: Left: 0″, Hanging: 0.5″ Tab stops: 6″ TOC2: Left: -0.25″, First line Indent 0.5: Tab stops: 6″ TOC 3: Left: 0.63”; no first line indent, Tab stops: 6″ The headings and subheadings in the Table of Contents must exactly match the text body, and they will do so automatically when you use this automatic TOC (which “reads” the headings in the text. Comment only Comment only Indicate if Table of Contents is formatted correctly and includes all required criteria. 1= Does Not Meet Expectations.
(1) Project Problem: The project demonstrated practice significance and need in relation to existing literature. 2= Meets Expectations.
(2) Clinical questions and variables/phenomena were aligned to and optimal for addressing the clinical practice problem. 3= Exceeds Expectations.
(3) DPI Project Intervention: The student includes an evidence based intervention and describes in detail how it will be (or for final was) implemented by the student. The intervention must be measurable & impact patient/ practice outcomes.
(4) Writing conveys a deep understanding of the literature and theories/models to support the need of the project.
(5) Project methodology and design were aligned to and optimal for the clinical problem.
(6) Sampling and data collection were well planned and executed, according to scientific and ethical standards.
(7) Data analysis procedures were well planned (and for the final project, well executed).
(8) Project Findings and Discussion are fully articulated and convincing in relation to the clinical questions, with all major limitations identified. Leave blank for DNP-955
(9) Logical flow and argumentation exists at all levels within the manuscript (sentences, paragraphs, sections, chapters). *Scholarly writing scored in separate section.
(10) Scholarly writing quality is present throughout the manuscript (grammatical/writing mechanics errors, or formatting issues). With the exception of a minor margin of edits, chapters are writtent in accordance with APA standards and the project is written at an appropriate level for doctoral scholarly work.
Total Score 0.0 0.0
10-Point Scale Score (Note: this score automatically calculates based on assessment for each item above) 0.0 0.0 Overall Assessment Scale Scoring Key: 1-3.9=Does not meet Required DPI Manuscript Standards. 4-5.9=Partially Meets Required DPI Manuscript. 6-7.9=Meets Overall Required DPI Manuscript Standards. 8-9=Exceeds Required DPI Manuscript Standards. 10= DPI Manuscript is Exceptional Quality. Can only be manually entered
Please Indicate Overall Comments for Scholarly Integrity and Quality of this Direct Practice Improvement Project Manuscript:

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