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Demonstrate an understanding of law and ethics in 21st Century registered nursing practice in Australia

Demonstrate an understanding of law and ethics in 21st Century registered nursing practice in Australia

Demonstrate an understanding of law and ethics in 21st Century registered nursing practice in Australia
2. Apply published theory to case situations.
3. Synthesise published material with the student’s own analysis to demonstrate appropriate conclusions.
4. Demonstrate professional communication in the accepted form of an Academic Assignment.
1. Due Date: Monday, August 14, 2017 Extension to Tuesday, Aug 22nd.
2. Word limit is 2000 words – 10% deviation allowed
3. This piece of assessment is an individual submission; it is not group work – it must be your own and will be electronically tracked against other submissions.
4. Submitted via Study Desk, course site (only) – no emailed copies or hard copy accepted
5. Please submit Marking Guide as a separate document (in WORD).
6. APA6 referencing is required as per the USQ Library guide is expected.
7. The teaching team is not in a position to review drafts – but welcomes questions and outlines of your work and questions about areas you may find challenging! These can be in the Communities of Practice if you feel the question would benefit your peers, or emailed to Marie Cleary individually if you feel it is something of an individual nature.
8. Request for extensions are for extenuating circumstances and must be at least three days prior to due date. The examiner will request a ‘work in progress’ at the point of request.
Assignment Brief
Conduct an analysis of the Case: Findings of the Inquest into the death of Albert Eric Bruce Biffin addressing the three sections as outlined.
In the report of the Inquest into the death of Albert Eric Bruce Biffin1 the Coroner identified the medical cause of death as complications of an incarcerated umbilical hernia. It was known that Mr Biffin had a long medical history however was still relatively independent in his residential care environment. Mr Biffin died on February 27, 2013 at the age of 86.
A number of registered nurses, were involved in Mr Biffin’s care in the period February 24, 2013 to February 27, 2013. The role of the assistant in nursing, the endorsed enrolled nurse and the registered nurse were key within the chain of events that transpired and affected the deterioration and death of Mr Biffin.
In a chapter provided for you on DIRECT readings on the study desk for NUR3020, McDonald and Then (2014) discuss that while individuals can make errors, it also may be difficult to attribute to one person. (McDonald & Then, 2014, p. 134).
Assignment Section One: Patient Safety/Nursing Care
Section 1 – Conduct an analysis of the nursing care (pages 7 – 11) that is outlined by the coroner in the Inquest into the death of Mr Albert Eric Bruce Biffin1 in terms of the involvement of the assistant in nursing, endorsed enrolled nurse and the overarching accountability of the registered nurses for clinical decision making, care delegation and care provision.
a. Use reading and additional references to assist your critique –
MINIMUM of three for passing mark – more are expected
b. It is expected that you will substantiate your points with literature regarding best practice or literature related to nursing care of the older person in residential care settings, the deteriorating patient and patient safety. (Note: practice includes more than psychomotor skills, it is also knowledge, communication, monitoring, reporting, accountability, delegation and responsibility).
Do not provide just a synopsis of the case in itself.
c. Approx. 1100 words for this section (flexible – the overall assign is
2000 words)
Assignment Section Two: The Tort of Negligence
Section 2: Explain how the tort of negligence could be applied to the registered nurse/clinical nurse involved in this case.
Outline the elements which would need to be proved in order to advance a successful claim for negligence.
In the event that the Coroner decided to refer the Doctors and Nurses involved in the case to the regulating authority, what clinical situation may give rise to this situation. There is also the potential that a civil case could be made against the parties involved. Conditions of negligence would need to be met for a court case to be successful. Using the registered or clinical nurses as an example, outline the elements that would need to be demonstrated in order to substantiate a claim of negligence.
a. Use reading and additional references to assist your critique (at least three)
b. Approx. 500 words (flexible – the overall assign is 2000 words)
Assignment Section Three: Ethical Issues
Section 3: Ethical Analysis. In addition to the legal aspects of the case there are a number of ethical issues that could be discussed in relation to the care provided and the testimonies discussed when caring for a resident in a residential care facility.

NUR3020 Assignment 1: Application of Law and Ethics Modules Contents Objectives: Assignment one: 1

Using examples from the actions of the of the assistant in nursing, enrolled nurse and registered nurse, critique their behaviour using principles of ethics and considering the resident’s rights whilst in residential care. Utilize published academic texts and literature pertaining to ethical principles to assist your critique.
a. Use reading and additional references to assist your critique
b. Approx. 400 words (flexible – the overall assign is 2000 words)
1. APA6 is the appropriate form of referencing.
2. Achieving correct referencing formatting is just one aspect of referencing. More important is how you use someone else’s published material and correctly synthesise it into your own work – and correctly acknowledge that it is either theirs – or ascribed to someone else within their work (a secondary citation).
3. Each section of the assignment should read smoothly within itself and bring the reader in (introduce the topic) and out (conclude).
4. Three sources from texts or the literature is the MINIMUM expected in sections one and two. Sources should be recent: 8 years old or less.
5. Academic staff assistance is provided to answer questions, look at themes or student outlines or assist with resources. We are not in a position to review drafts – but we will help with specific questions or help with clarifying either the assignment instructions or your plans for your writing!
6. Students ‘tick’ when they turn assignments into STUDY DESK that it is their own work (student declaration statement). Any breach of this is a breach of professional ethics (which is what we are studying) and this will be penalised appropriately. Turning in work that someone else has done for you and stating that it is your own is considered fraud. It does not reflect well on a student who is soon to be a Registered Nurse in Australia. It does not reflect well on the profession.

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